S-Care Diagnostics



Patient Portal

Patients can manage their  information through online patient portal:

  • Manage Appointment: Patient(S) can book appointment through online by filling up the mandatory information.
  • Cancel/Modify Appointment: Patientscan cancel or modify
  • Report Access: Patients can view laboratory report by using their user id and password.
  • Transaction History: Patients can view all types of online offline payment transactions / FAQ
  • Feedback: Patients can post feedback & suggestions
  • News & Event: Patients can view your company’  news and promotional events details


Backend team will allot the following rights to billing user as per user’s profile:

  • OPD Billing(Cash Billing/Credit Bill/Free Bill)
  • Refund Entry
  • Patient(S) Advance Entry
  • Settlement Billing
  • Bill Ledger
  • Discount After Bills
  • Create Estimate Bill
  • View Estimate Bill
  • Cancel the Bills
  • View Cancel Register
  • View Discount Register
  • View Cash Register (Date wise) and (Date and User Wise)
  • View Payment Summary
  • View Refund Register
  • View Service Register(Settled/Un Settled Bill)
  • View Date Wise Patient(S) Details
  • View Date Wise Sponsor Details
  • View PRO(Sales person) Wise  Patient(S) Details
  • View Bill Register (Bill/Company Wise)
  • Cash and Credit Company Outstanding as On.
  • View Commission Details of Referred Doctor(S)
  • View Service Wise Collection Register
  • View Referred Wise Patient(S) Details
  • View Advance Register
  • View Patient(S) Details Date Wise.
  • Manage Online Payment Bill.
  • Payroll (Salary Generation & Management)
  • Employee Master Details
  • Designation Master
  • Department Master
  • Branch Master
  • Employee Attendance Details
  • Other Deduction Entry Details
  • Attendance Entry Details: It will be link with Biometric Attendance Machine.  
  • Software Will Capture the Attendance data from machine automatically
  • Increment Entry Details
  • Deduction Type Master
  • Earning Type Master
  • Prize Master
  • School Master
  • Employee Wise Advance Details
  • Employee Salary Sheet (by Cash Payment)
  • Employee Salary Sheet (by Online back payment)
  • Employee Salary Sheet (by Cheque payment)
  • Employee Salary Sheet (ALL )


Back end team will allot following rights to Console users.

  • Sample Collection
  • Acknowledge
  • DE-Acknowledge
  • Result Entry
  • Create Provisional Result


Back end team will allot following rights to HR/Admin users:

  • Recruitment and on boarding
  • Gathering, storing, and accessing employee information
  • Keeping attendance recordsand tracking absenteeism
  • Performance evaluation
  • Benefits administration
  • Learning management
  • Employee self-service
  • Employee scheduling
  • Analytics and informed decision making
  • MIS Reports

Health Care Provider

Back end team will allot following rights to Healthcare provider:

  • Sponsor wise Patient can be track easily.
  • Patient wise/ test wise/dept wise/sponsor wise census can be track.
  • Patient waiting time can be calculate
  • Reports TAT calculation at many level
  • Patient flow (new patient / old patient)


Back end team will allot following rights to Dispatch users:

  • Patient can collect result’s printed hard copy from dispatch counter dully sign in dispatch register 
  • User will enter report receiving person details in software dispatch form.
  • Users can view report dispatch status like dispatched/ pending to dispatched
  • Users can track report receiving person details like person name/dispatch date & time.

Back end team will allot following rights to Store user:

  • Opening stock entry
  • Create Purchase order
  • Purchase Entry (GRN)
  • Supplier Master
  • Issue to Department
  • Return from Department
  • Department consumption entry
  • Return To Supplier
  • View Stock details Date Wise/ALL
  • View Purchase Details Date and Supplier Wise
  • View Item(S) Returns from Department Details Date Wise
  • View Item(s) return Details to Supplier date Wise
  • PO Details Date Wise
  • View Item(S) Re-Order Details


Master and Facility Management Modules

Back End Team will do the master e The entered data will be displayed in Desktop Base Module as well as respective online module,

Following master forms will be available:

  • Department Master
  • Create Company (Sponsor Company) Master
  • Create Item Of Service (Service Master)
  • Price Master
  • Create Consultant Type
  • Create Employee Master
  • Doctor Master
  • Company Setup
  • Title Master
  • Bank Master
  • Specialization Master
  • Lab Unit Master
  • Sample Master
  • Nationality Master
  • City Master
  • State Master
  • Country Master
  • Group Master
  • Sub Group Master
  • Category Master
  • Referral Master
  • Lab Master With Test
  • Digital Signature Master

Mobile Application


This app contains all the details of your company.  Patient PortalcontainsFind lab(through this section, users can find lab in their locality) , Make an appointment(users can use it to make appointment for medical test(s)at any of your branches),My bill( it helpsuser to see details of patients’ bill(s)) General information (it contains brief information of your diagnostic center like opening and closing day time,  rights of clients ,clients’ obligations) etc.  Referral Portal refers Physicians and quickly find patient images and report),Top Management (Top management persons can easily view payment). Furthermore,  patients can also refer others to use this app and patronize services your company.

Feedback and consent form for diagnostics center /Hospitals/Clinics

The App contains feedback and consent forms for Diagnostic Centers. With feedback forms, users can make their about your diagnostic center and its services, including feedback about your employees etc.

This App also helps  patients/clientsto  digitally sign. If they are not able to sign, then, their photo canbe taken.

Inventory Tracking system 

In addition, the App will contain all the Inventory (store) details, such as: stock reorder level,Po Approval, Indend Approval, Pending Po(Not Received),Pending Po(After Delivery),Previous Supply and stock details

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